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Orthodontics is a part of dentistry that specializes in correcting disorders of growth and position


of teeth.

Treatment is based on bone ability to adapt to various forces i.e. to react to the pressure by decomposition, and to traction by forming new bone.

This feature enables moving of the teeth by orthodontic appliances without adverse consequences to the tooth.

Orthodontic treatment can be carried out at children age, whether a child has all deciduous teeth or it has deciduous and permanent teeth, and for adult persons who have all permanent teeth.  

Orthodontic treatment is faster and more successful, with more stable results, when carried out with younger patients.

Tissue reactions of adult patients to orthodontic forces are a bit slower and so is mobility of their teeth.


All orthodontic appliances operate on the same principle.

Namely, by use of mild force (pushing and pulling), parts of the appliances work on teeth and their alveolus. In this way it is possible to move all teeth.

Treatment can be carried out by removable dental braces, fixed dental braces or combination of both types.



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